No more boxes, No more labels

No more boxes, No more labels

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I’ve been told I should write a book or speak on a stage, “Janelle, your story is incredible and needs to be heard!”

I guess, deep down, I’m still trying to understand parts of my story. I’m still figuring out this crazy, beautiful life. After years of chronic depression and feeling anxiety, I’m still trying to ensure my brain stays happy and healthy- day in, day out.

I still fight my battles. I still cry through past trauma, because I couldn’t cry then. I’m still balancing my desire to see the world while staying in the place I love the most, my home. I’m still uncovering old stories and doing the work to reframe, refocus, and rewrite.

But I feel so much purpose and passion in sharing my story. For spreading awareness and understanding that so much of our pain stems from the boxes we have been placed in. Those boxes are what literally shaped my life in a way that didn’t serve me.

Those boxes were shame, guilt, embarrassment, sadness and confusion… and I lived in them, alone.

I am ready to share my story now with confidence, bravery, and hope. I know it can help people, and that is a driving force for me. I feel like I am fulfilling a deep purpose of mine.

I promise, you don’t have to be in any kind of box. You can just be YOU, however that looks and feels, it’s all okay. Love yourself with no judgement. Practice RADICAL self acceptance. Create the space to invite others in to do the same and stop worrying about the opinions of those who are not in your circle.

Parents: allow your children to be who they are. Period. Allow them to express themselves. Don’t put them into a box – they don’t need to be labeled, they need to be loved.

📦 “She still has baby weight”
📦 “She is shy”
📦 “She is a tomboy”
📦 “Teen Mom”
📦 “Divorced”
📦 “Depressed”
📦 “That’s a boy color”
📦“You can’t love someone who looks like that”
📦“That’s a sin”
📦 “You don’t have the body shape for that”

Think before you speak & think before you receive words spoken.

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  1. Harley

    I love that you are breaking out of the boxes and labels you felt were stamped onto your life. Re-creating your past, in the present, with the truth- not others opinions. So proud of the work you’re doing! ♥️

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