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My Motto is Envision – Hustle – Receive. However, my definition of hustle and how I feel around this word is much different from how I see others responding to it. I have always reacted to the word in a positive way. When I set a goal I want to hustle towards it with passion and excitement! For me, it doesn’t mean I have to constantly be working or grinding in order to be creating forward movement. I can hustle & rest. I can hustle & be happy! Hustle to me means I am taking constant and consistent action that is inspired and in alignment.

Hustle isn’t a bad word, and while we are at it, neither is ambition or driven! Even if, no especially if, you are a mom and/or a wife. It’s OK to want to hustle in your mission to bring your dreams into fruition. It’s OK to be ambitious in the pursuit of chasing your goals. It’s OK to travel the world making a difference even though you have children waiting for you at home. Them seeing YOU grow into the woman that you desire to be and pushing through limiting beliefs and self doubt, is the best way to set a positive example for your child(ren) & shows your partner how you want and deserve to be treated… because, they will see how you treat yourself, they will watch you treat yourself in the highest regard with love, patience, respect, integrity, and dignity, and they will also learn how to do this for themselves!

Sis, go out and hustle! Those big audacious goals and dreams are worth hustling for!!

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