In my coaching practice, I help women understand the power of Gratitude & Forgiveness and how applying both can truly heal you from the inside out and create more abundance, love, and happiness in your life!

We all have scars that cover the canvas which is our body. Both figuratively and physically. My scars come from mental/emotional abuse, molestation, neglect, lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety. I have grown through a lot of trauma throughout my life. Yes, I have felt pain. But, I am not scared of pain. I graciously, and without judgement or shame, look at my pain and process my feelings in a healthy, loving way. Being a person who loves to journal, I was able to identify the tools and practices that saved my life. I feel that it is one of my life’s purposes to help other women, do the same.

I crafted this course with the intention of gaining more outreach, to help more women. Read all about what my Gratitude & Forgiveness course offers.


Who is this Mastermind for? This Mastermind is designed for the woman who is ready to invite more Gratitude into her life so that she can attract an abundance in all areas of her life! She knows she needs to forgive, but needs guidance and support so she can take back her power through forgiveness and feel radical self acceptance and self love! This Mastermind is for the woman who is ready to start healing the wounds she still has.


This Mastermind will be interactive. We only allow compassion, respect, and supportive words. There will be no room for judgment or shame. This Mastermind does require commitment and participation.
We will focus strongly on how to embody gratitude & forgiveness. We will also talk about how to develop and nurture a growth mindset. I will provide daily practices to cultivate more energy and to protect your energy! Learning how to meditate and manifest are also on the menu!
Each week you will be given a celebration item; an action to complete, that will help support your mission in this mastermind.


The Mastermind is capped at 8 women. Fall Mastermind – FULL.

Apply at the bottom of this page for my Gratitude & Forgiveness Mastermind starting March 10, 2021 and ends on April 28, 2021.


The Gratitude & Forgiveness Mastermind will be held online via Zoom video conferencing. Our meetings will be held on Wednesday’s from 6pm-7:30pm PST. 


The monetary commitment is a one time payment of $555 or two payments of $277.50 (there is no penalty for split payment option). Payment availability will show up a month before the mastermind begins.

  Q & A

Q: What if I am an introvert?
A: Great, I am too! That is why it is important for me to keep the Mastermind small in quantity so that it will be safe, intimate, and feel like a protected space to open up and share.

Q: What if I cannot get time away from my children to participate?
A: It is vital that you have a space where you can be uninterrupted & not have to worry about others overhearing our conversations. If you are having your attention pulled away or having to filter yourself, you won’t be able to give 100% to what we are doing. Therefore you will not get the most value that you can! With that being said, only you know your capacity, I trust you to make that decision.

Q: Are there refunds?
A: Outside of an emergency situation, I will not be issuing refunds

I highly recommend keeping tangle items to serve as an aid in your Gratitude & Forgiveness journey. I have collaborated with Yo Soy Candle to create this Gratitude & Forgiveness candle kit. The kit includes 3 candles, a candle to represent the embodiment of Gratitude, the embodiment of Forgiveness, and a blank candle to create your own affirmation. Click here to read more and to purchase your candle kit (individual candles may also be purchased.) Thank you for supporting this small business!

I took Janelle’s course because, although I consider myself forgiving, I was struggling to reach the deeper, more embedded, harder parts within myself that I haven’t known how to access in order to really let go. I thought I knew forgiveness. And I did, to the extent of my own experiences. Janelle has a deeply profound knowledge of forgiveness and gratitude because she’s made the decision to make peace and love the leading feelings in her life; she walked through the fire to come out on the other side, in order to bring more insight, more wisdom, more loving guidance for us.
In each module, Janelle brought me a new perspective to forgiveness, aha moments, tears and so many things to ponder.
I highly recommend this course and if you need more, I would absolutely encourage you to work with Janelle 1:1. She is gentle yet courageous & she will help you find your courage to forgive and live a more free life, filled with gratitude- a life you are obsessed with.

– Jennifer Williams

Janelle’s Gratitude and Forgiveness Mastermind is a beautiful opportunity for healing. She holds space for judgement free vulnerability which creates a safe space for real connection to happen. She guides participants through exercises that challenge you to grow and encourage you to love yourself. Janelle’s love for herself and love for others is obvious and contagious! I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this mastermind.”

– Andrea Thompson

Janelle offers a course that is given from experience and the heart. The material is easy to follow but packs a punch of truth, mingled with compassion and guidance. You will feel like you are sitting in your home having a one-on-one comfortable conversation with her. This course is highly recommended for all people who need to understand the importance of gratitude, as well as navigating the uncomfortableness of forgiveness.

– Harley Saylor

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