Janelle is an Inspirational Speaker, Growth Mindset Expert, and the Director of Operations for SPARK Personal Growth Experiences for Women. She is known for being the “Manifesting Queen”! Janelle’s motto is Envision • Hustle • Receive. Her message: No more boxes, no more labels. Janelle’s mission in life is to meet women where they are and allow them to feel seen and inspired to create a life they are obsessed with!

Topics Janelle speaks on:

– Forgiveness & Gratitude

– Childhood trauma

– Mental/emotional abuse

– Depression & anxiety

– Creating a life you are obsessed with 

Use the form below to contact Janelle about speaking at an event. She looks forward to hearing from you! ♥

"Janelle connected with the audience in a powerful, meaningful and authentic way from the moment she stepped on stage. She vulnerability shared her truth, her story, and her message in a way that resonated with the entire room. Janelle truly has this ability to make a huge difference through sharing her life experiences and I would highly recommend her for your next event!"
Marli Williams, M.Ed.
Master Facilitator, Activation Coach & Inspiration Generator
"Janelle is an authentic soul who has a beautiful story to share. Her ability to be vulnerable and strong in the same space is admirable and inspiring. Her positive spirit is palpable and I highly recommend Janelle for anyone who needs that extra boost of encouragement, bravery and positivity in their life!"
Leslie Abrams
Founder of Yo Soy Candle LLC
"When you go to a 2 day long summit, packed with inspiring speakers and dynamic information, it can be easy to forget details or even which story came from what speaker but then, there is always that one, or those few if you are lucky, who leave such a mark on your heart, such an impact on your life, that not only do you remember their entire story but you recall the feelings they evoked from you... you feel as if you KNOWN them your whole life. Janelle was one of those speakers for me at The 2019 SPARK Summit. Janelle, like most of the speakers, was eloquent and her message was clear but what set her apart from so many, was her ability to connect with my heart, as if she were speaking directly to me. Janelle was impactful. I felt as though I could tell her anything & my story would be safe with her. The feeling in the room was profound- she had our complete attention. I didn’t look around because I was consumed by what she had to say but I didn’t need to... I could feel the emotion and the tenderness she brought- the energy and respect that her story and her presence demanded. I am so grateful that I was witness to Janelle on stage and I hope that her story is told again and again, across any stage that is wise enough to have her... because so many people are waiting to hear her and her voice needs to be heard."
Jennifer Williams
Life Coach, Copy Creatix & Editor
"I had the honor of hearing Janelle McMiller talk at SPARK Portland 2019. I found myself 100% present and engaged while she was telling us her compelling story. I loved how she involved the audience and made us feel safe and seen without putting us on the spot. Janelle managed to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time. She made you feel less alone and incredibly connected. This powerhouse woman has a talent for speaking on stage that I hope to see again real soon!"
Erin Vanderkooy
Health Coach